NORDIC ICON is a 100% Norwegian lifestyle brand, whose aim is, through its collections, to preserve and share the beauty of what`s genuine and unique.

Tradition and contemporarity are united in our design, construction and finish of each single product in our assortment. This reflects the Norwegian cultural heritage and natural resources.

By choosing and respecting prime wool, wood, metal, natural stones and leather handcraft, our collections represents premium articles, developed and produced one by one, in an sustainable way.

Skilled designers and manufactures have learned through generations how to shape and craft our unique products. We use materials that are desirable and lasting. 

There are an entire legacy present in the NORDIC ICON products. We create a communication platform between our heritage and the future – where we can discover memories and emotions shaped in our collections. 

Products developed and distributed by NORDIC ICON are created in premium qualities with an Norwegian touch. 

Based on Norwegian design, NORDIC ICON will create unique, timeless, highly desirable, and durable items.

 “Some things might stay with you forever.”